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Nov. 2016

2016-10-31 20:55:48 by orezzu

[ my daily sketch thread here :) ]

To start a new month i created some thread that will contain all my daily stuffs, mostly sketch :') also it will be a good way to check if i'm still alive or not :') for starter i did post the sketch from all 4 of my finished submission. i hope i can catch up with this daily stuffs, see you again next time~


Oct. 2016

2016-10-05 22:50:50 by orezzu

Hello guys, i'm new here in NEWGROUNDS

there's a lot of creative people in here, i think i should contribute something too (not much).

hope to see more from you too~


I finished my 1st submission with color, well it take so much work on this one.. but i'm satisfied with it.

if you got any advice or critique, feel free to tell me about it :)

check it out here :) ]


okay, managed to finish my second piece of artwork, and it is a continuation from the 1st one, and sorry for the long description on it.. as always any advice or critique are welcome :)

check it out here :) ]


finished my 3rd submission (Template88's OC called 'Noire'), and it's an artwork for an Art Trade on NG Art Forum with 'Monster Girl' as a theme.. any advice or critique are welcome :)

the submission here :) ] [ the forum thread here :) ]


Happy Halloween everyone! good thing i finished my halloween-special artwork in time, it's about my oc in a halloween costume, please go check it out and give some advice or critique.. see you again next time :)

[ check it out here :) ]